Martin Power (Singer/Songwriter) originates from a Small town Callan in Co, Kilkenny Ireland. He is an Irish Country Artist and has performed with all the Elite in the Irish Scene at Both Concerts and Dances such as Nathan Carter, Derek Ryan, Mike Denver, Michael English, Declan Nerney, Robert Mizzell, Mick Flavin, John Hogan, Louise Morrissey and So on. Martin has been Played and Requested on Country Radio Nation Wide & His music Dvd featured on Ireland & Uk's Top Tv Country Shows on Sky Tv where he also got his first 2 Singles on Itunes to the top 10 on the Download Country Charts "George Harrisons" (The Beatles) Big hit "Got my Mind Set On You" along with his Debut Single "Who Says You Can't Go Home" originally Recorded and Written by Bon Jovi. Martin gave this Song a Good Irish Country Feel Where legend Mick Flavin recognised Martin and catapulted him onto the Irish Country Scene where he chose Martin t0 be his Contestant on 2016 GLOR Tire TG4'S Search for a Country Star Tv Show It has opened doors for martin and introdued him to Nationwide of Country fans where he never taught existed from giving music a break 2 years prior to now performing to 1000's of Country fans on the main stages. He is to Date recording and working hard on new materiel with Producer David Arkins in County Meath preparing to release his First Irish Country Ep where he will be launching it in 2017. He hopes it will be another big year for him on the Gigging Circuit so keep an eye out for martin coming to a venue near you !!!!

Martin’s is a self taught musician and his path in music began at an early age. He started out as a Youngster at the age of 12 and sang with a local Gospel Choir called “The Kilkenny Gospel Choir“, and Got to perform in the Aras an Uachtarain for Irish President Mary. He first influences was Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and his Idol "Elvis Presley" who steered him towards all genres of music from Country to Rock n Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Gospel music.

Then At the age of 18 Martin went on his first music venture to Memphis Tennessee where he visit Elvis Presley's home Graceland and to Sun Records. He got so much inspiration and later headed to Nashville tennesse where he describes his Country Music Career was Born. He then played the local pub Scene on and off for a few years gaining the experience of performing!!!

Martin has worked in the USA with big music producers such as Mr Paul Speer (who has worked with big artists such as Missy Elliot and English Singer M.I.A.).Mr Speer saw talent in Martin and offer to help bring him to the next level. Martin first recorded at the age of 18 in Mr Speers Home Studio in Seattle Washington. He recorded some classics including rock and roll songs Chuck Berry “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” and Little Richard “Tutti Frutti” amongst others. While on his stay over there Martin wrote a beautiful Gospel Song where he recalls that he tried to capture the essence of one of his heroes “Johnny Cash” and the approach that “Mr Cash” would give a gospel song. Martin believes he has just done quite that. It’s a song of hope and keeping your Faith in god which Martin often quotes the song as“A song of prayer”. The second occasion Martin aged 21 recorded a Meat Loaf song Called “You Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth” in now Mr Speers home studio in Memphis Tennessee.

Martin us now focused on his song writing and solo career. He accepted a Promotional/Management deal in Soho London in late 2008 and recorded two of his own original songs under the names of “Come Back Home” which is a Country/Rockabilly song and “Rock and Roll Sound” which is Country/ Blues with a 50’s Rock and Roll style of lyric writing.